Extras - Fun Food Machines

Cotton Candy Machine Popcorn Machine
Cotton Candy Machine

$80* or $60* with inflatable rental
Including 1 box of sugar floss and cones

KOSHER available

With Fun Food Machine Rental Only

Cotton Candy cones (50)

Cotton Candy floss
50 portions: 10$
15kg: 80$

Foldable Table

$60* or $50* with inflatable rental

KOSHER available

With Fun Food Machine Rental Only

Pre packed Popcorn (8 portions)
2.50$ each

Cotton Candy The Candy Station
Foldable Table

Cotton Candy
2$ each
Minimum order 10

Great for adding to your Candy Buffet, Loot bags or any event! You can choose from Pink, Blue, Purple and Green floss for the cotton candy. We can personalise them with a logo, Happy Birthday, Thank you or whatever your event may be. 

50$ (candies not included)
*Residential use only

Snow Cone Machine with Cart (dark blue) Coffee Machine 60 cups

70$* or 50$* with inflatable rental
Ice not included
Includes syrup (2 flavours), cups and straws for 60 to 65 peoples

Flavours available:
Grape, Lime, Strawberry, Cherry, Blue raspberry

KOSHER available

With Fun Food Machine Rental Only

Snow Cone Cups (65): 8$

Snow Cone Straws (65): 2$

Snow Cone Syrup (60-65 portions): 
- comes with 2 flavors
Snow Cone Syrup (30-32 portions):
6$ - comes with 1 flavor

Foldable Table


With Fun Food Machine Rental Only

9oz Foam Cups 
pack of 25 

Stir Coffee Sticks  7"
pack of 100

Hot dog machine
Nacho Cheese Cup Warmer

70 hot dogs
30 buns


Hotdog Serving Plates
0.10$ each

32 cup capacity
11.5" x 16.5" x 12.5"
120 volts
30$* if renting an inflatable

Cheese: 1.75$ each
Chips: 1.25$ each (3 oz)

Nacho Serving Plates
0.10$ each

Food Warmer
Food Warmer

10$ each*


4$ each*

Popcorn bags
Cotton candy bags
Popcorn Bags

1oz bags
0.10$ each

10$ for 100 bags

Ice Buckets with handles

2$* each


*per day